Research of development policies with project operating solutions and support

Strabon center of geo-economic analysis and strategic policy is an ideological movement, doing research for decision makers for a better understanding of global economics and implementation of development policies. Strong view is a part of democracy. Somebody can agree or disagree on the standpoint, Strabon research and solutions are targeted to put, constructive ideas behind the political agenda.

Information of the important parts of the discussion that's going on in politics we provide trusted information.
Providing basic research and more fundamental research to influence political decision and policy decision makers behavior and to reach policy shift. With the purpose not only to provide general operating support also to extend to project operating solution and support.Supporting strategic planning process, Strabon provides analysis for the government workforce. Providing to the government important analysis. Coming up with technologies and solutions that cover needs.

In business of public ideas to link about solutions, deeply relevant to economics, industry, security and defence. Dedicated to dialogues, to get ideas and advantage solutions in public sphere and in real policy..

Researchers thinking about issues. Getting people to think about and cutting it too small pieces

Knowledge based handling

To find decision-makers with the specific awareness to provide information and support

Strabon center body of specialists, researching for answers in economics industry, geo-politics and policy issues. Dedicated in the business of public ideas to link about things deeply relevant to economics and industry development, with those who making decisions. Focused to dialogues and solutions.Putting ideas behind the political agenda, serious work, serious thinkers trying to get out ideas to bring people together by positioning issues in the intelligence spare.


Newest research solutions and implementation programs

  • Stop brain drain

    The policy must be strong incentives for a reverse brain drain.Especially for graduates from foreign universities and abroad provide active scientists governmental research institutes and universities to offer attractive working conditions and development to them to return to their country.

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  • Who owns

    Convinced governments and the public, that they have a right to own humanity’s collective resources.given that profit-driven transnational corporations have a legitimate claim to be custodians of natural assets

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  • Ideas where development and innovation starts

    Strabon center of geo-economic analysis and strategic policy is dedicated, to attract with sophisticated programs, policymakers that wish to realize and to reach strategic economic targets.

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Development assistance for developing countries mastering technology...

For developing countries technological progress is strongly influenced by their ability to access, adapt and diffuse technological knowledge that has been generated abroad. The main objectives of development assistance to have developing countries mastering technologies, and to apply them to improve the living conditions and political freedom of their people.

Underlying these outcomes are national policies that support improving domestic absorptive capacities and stimulate local innovation as well as international efforts to develop a supportive environment for technology transfer.

Fact and fiction becomes blurred...

Hacking, leaking and disputing the facts, it’s never been easier to distort the truth. Thanks to the digital revolution, anyone can dispite established facts and share it with the world on social media – be it for commercial or political gain. But when the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred the very fabric of our society can be endangered. Public trust in traditional media and political institutions has plummeted and some argue the unity of our nations is at stake. How can a free and fair media still operate in a digitised world and restore trust in political debate?