• economy

    The Great Reset

    In terms of governance, The Great Reset means increasingly centralized, coordinated, and expanded government and “governmentalities,”the convergence of corporations and states, and the digitalization of governmental functions.

  • economy

    Borrowing and lending the wrong direction.

    Policies and strategies need to be redesigned based on the practice of borrowing. Learning, producing, upgrading and competing with the most advanced economies is the long-term strategy...

  • What is the opposite of right-thinking?

    We often confuse truth and popularity, and we believe that what is popular as truthful. What is not popular may not be truthful.Policies and strategies nead to to be redesigned based on the practice of borrowing.

  • What is the larger reality? Connecting all dots together

    Reality has been a subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and create confusion. Access a different form of observation, accessing an extended reality. It does not matter what is true, what is perceived  to be true.

  • Strong views is a part of democracy.

    Somebody can agree or disagree on the standpoint, Strabon research and solutions are targeted to put ideas, constructive ideas behind the political agenda.In the tradition of European humanism, on which our democracy and the rule of law are based,...

  • Sharing and shaping the future: European Societies in digital Age

    A society without positive and directional values and goals falls apart. We can not build a future if we are always asked to overcome and combat traditions instead of building on the achievements of our ancestors.

  • Digitization and robotization is just beginning

    Digitization also includes the cryptocurrencies, the block chain moneys floating around – of which the most famous one is Bitcoin. It brings digitization of money to an apex. The system is complex and seems to lend itself only to ‘experts’.